How Does Osteopathic Treatment Help During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant your bodies undergoes a lot of changes and developments in order to accommodate a baby inside your body. Many women will gain weight and also their posture will change which is very obvious to the eye. However, there are changes such as ligaments become soft or even changes to the growing baby’s position. Due to all these changes there is a lot of stress and pressure that is applied on the pelvis, spine, muscles and joints. Many women complain about pains in their lower back, shoulder, neck and pelvis area. Other problem areas are high blood pressure, insomnia, swelling, tiredness, sciatica and shortness of breath.

How does osteopathy fit into pregnancy?

Pregnancy osteopathy Melbourne will help to support the body and let the structure be as normal as possible so that other functions will run as normal as possible. The treatments that are provided during this gestation period are not different to the normal session. Efficient and safe techniques are used to ensure that the mother will be comfortable during the entire treatment and gestation period. If the pelvis changes its shape there is a chance that the baby might even get stuck during labour as the birthing canal will not be able to allow the baby through. Osteopathic treatment will ensure that the pelvis and birthing canal will align in the best position without any restrictions for the baby to come out of the uterus.

Is it safe to get osteopathic treatment during gestation period?

It is the safest therapy for the baby and mother, which will ensure that both lives are at minimum risks. The techniques will be comforting to the mother and gentle on the baby. There are even special cushions used for specific techniques. Osteopathic treatment is able to provide treatment to all women regardless of their size and the number of months they are into the pregnancy.

Postnatal treatment?

Based on the labour experience, the extensiveness of the therapy will vary from one woman to another. The pelvic alignment will be restored back to normal and any discomfort and pain that is being felt will be reduced. If the mother is having bad posture when it comes to breast-feeding, carrying the infant, lifting or bending, these can be resolved by this treatment. Osteopathy treatment conducted by an great osteopath will ensure that during your pregnancy period, during labour and once you start getting back to the normal life you and the baby will be having a good and healthy life. So sign up for osteopath treatment to ensure that you are comfortable during the most beautiful nine months of your life.